This national analysis identifies when hundreds of US coastal communities will face chronic inundation and possible retreat as sea levels rise. You can explore these communities—and discover the consequences of rising seas—by clicking through the series of maps and pages included here.

Note that maps and data can take time to load (give it a few seconds!) but run smoothly and rapidly once loaded.

Many communities have 20 years or less to prepare before rising seas begin to regularly impact homes, neighborhoods, and families. Other communities are already facing this disruptive reality.

As global warming continues to drive sea levels higher in the decades ahead, more and more communities will join the ranks of those facing chronic inundation.

Cities like Charleston, SC, where historic buildings and neighborhoods routinely flood. Locations like Galveston County, TX, which is already grappling with rising seas. Destinations like Cape May, NJ, which faces damaging habitat loss; and the Meadowlands, which plays a crucial role in protecting New Jersey from sea level rise.

Hundreds of communities like these will become chronically inundated by the end of this century, though some may avoid this flooding depending on the choices we make today.

This analysis shows what’s at stake in our fight to address sea level rise and global warming.

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