Helpful Charleston Contacts

  • Mayor of Charleston
    John Tecklenburg
    ​Please do not hesitate to email the mayor with comments about flooding and draining issues.​
  • Chief Resiliency Officer
    Mark Wilbert
    843 720-2482
    843 408-5305Mark Wilbert has become the full-time go-to official for flooding issues in the City of Charleston, as of Jan. 1, 2018. The scope of his job remains ill defined but it is Groundswell’s goal that he will head a fully staffed office that will act as a resource for Charlestonians who have queries about FEMA and other insurance problems arising from flooding and inadequate drainage. Groundswell also hopes that Wilbert will coordinate the efforts of other Charleston city agencies and officials involved in flooding and draining.Groundswell wishes Wilbert well in this daunting task. Please let us know how you feel he is doing, at


  • William Cogswell
    (803) 212-6950
    (843) 577-2088Cogswell is our state legislator, a Peninsula resident.

Both Cogswell and Seekings are knowledgeable about Peninsula flooding issues. We recommend emails to them concerning flooding and drainage issues that concern you. They are sensitive to funding priorities vis the Peninsula and West Ashley.

Charleston City Council

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In the News

Mayor Outlines Flooding and Drainage Plans, Again

Now, after repeated historic floods over the past several years and an expected sea level rise of 2-3 feet in the future, the city is expediting plans to fix the old infrastructure and make sure new problems aren’t inadvertently created with new developments, the mayor said.

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